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Articles on Turkmenistan History

Sultan Sanjar Mausoleum

Falconry in Turkmen Steppes: Tradition of Thousand Years

Oghuz Turks, Turcoman and Turkmen

Animals in Sculpture and in Life of Ancient Turkmen - by N.M. Yermolova

The Turcoman Tribes (1882) - by Edmond O'Donovan

How Old is Ashgabat?

Well Known Damaskus Steel Was Made in Merv

Turkmen Historian's Deliberations on the Deep Roots of Neutrality

Impact of Turkmen Mounted Archers on Modern Warfare

Casus Belli: A Historical Lesson

Indo-Turkmenistan Relations And The Formation Of Cultural Heritage Of Turkmenistan In Middle Ages

Turkmens of Iraq: Settlement Background

The Turkoman Horse In Europe and the Americas